2009-10-17 00:52:53 by glenbw

Hi there Newground viewers,

Sorry for not reporting in a month: it's been some time since I was feeling depressed when dad's around but now that he's gone back home to my old country, I have been feeling much better than ever before. However, there are some other stuff to cram so much time I don't even have time to finish the next Sealed History episode asap (some of my fellow artists also suffer the same cram time problems as well) so we'll try something to provide some small portions of storytelling to keep you interested.
Also, I won't be working much on the episode this few weeks due to my involvement in a special Twitter storytelling session, sponsored by BBC Audio Books. It's basically some kind of telling some kind of campfire stories, only that it's done in a unique way: famous fantasy author Neil Gaiman (who is himself a Twitter user) would start his first sentence and other Twitter users can come up with other story ideas based on the outlines we've come out with. I'm not sure how long this will last but if you are interested, you can go to this link for details (registration is free) and take your best shot in deciding the final outcome of the story!

Link to Scifiwire News

Anyway, that's the update for now! See you all soon!

- Glen B.Wang



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2009-10-17 01:15:11

it's whiskey time!!!!!!!!!!


2009-10-17 01:32:39

yay 2nd comment


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yay 3rd comment


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yay, comment on my post